Hawley Math Club Goes to Six Flags Over Texas

  It was my hope earlier in this school year to be able to get a few students together and get a math club started. I was really surprised when I had over twenty kids who signed up. As time went on, there was some personnel changing within the troops, and the new Hawley Math Club settled into about twelve great kids. They went into the middle school for a few weeks before the middle school kids had to take their tests to help when they could.

     As time has marched ever forward, I have seen these kids blossom. They are always quick to help out their classmates as well as other kids who are not in the club. They are building the social skills they need to be successful, responsible adults.

     I wanted to give these kids a reward toward the end of the school year, and thought long and hard about what it might be. Six Flags was always a favorite of mine as a kid, so that became the plan. The kids worked really hard throughout the year, had several fund raisers, and the Six Flags trip became a reality.

     It was so fun seeing these kids have so much fun throughout the day. I have to admit I got on a few rides I wouldn't have if it weren't for one of my kids saying "Ms Boggs ride the ________ with me!"

     We ended out the day with a great dinner at Saltwater Steak House and a late drive home. I received nothing but compliments on the kids, which makes my heart proud. I'm so very glad to have been a part of this club and this trip. Congratulations to the kids involved with the club, you guys rock!

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