City Reports Lake Levels Up Three Feet

By Callie Metler-Smith

 City Manager Alan Plumlee reported that in light of recent rainfalls the city started pumping water from California Creek on Monday, April 27th. Plumlee reported that due to the fact that the pumps had not be used since they had been replaced, that the city had tentatively pumped the first day until a technician from Smith Pumps could come and check the pumps. When the technician got there Tuesday morning, he took readings and said that it looked good, but that some of valving and elevation reading functions were not working as well as they should have. The city is hoping to have these fixed by the next time they need to pump. Plumlee reported that the pumps were run for a total of 91.78 hours in four days. They are estimating that they pumped around 165 million gallons of water which is roughly 8 months of water use.

Also in his City Manager’s Report, Plumlee stated that he is in the process of starting the budget process. Plumlee stated that one thing that needed to be considered was that the county had pulled funding from the Stamford VIP Center including the Meals On Wheels program and the $6,000 payment to the City of Stamford to help with the utilities of the VIP center. Plumlee said that he had met with Judge Dale Spurgin and the Judge had told him that this was mainly due to the new Obama care requirements that would require the county to provide insurance to the employees that worked at the VIP Center. Plumlee relayed that Judge Spurgin had quoted that the requirement was going to change the budget for the VIP and Meals on Wheels program from $60,000 to around $100,000. City Councilmember James Decker stated that he had two thoughts on the matter, the first being that he thought that is was very important to keep the Meals on Wheels and VIP Center program going, and the second being that he would like to know where the $60,000 that the county currently had budgeted for the program would be going.

Plumlee next reported that the signs for the tax properties that were for sale would be going up soon. This is part of a partnership the city has with a company in Lubbock to get information about properties that are available for bid with the local entities.

He also reported that the city had received their first bill of $3,700 for the April cloud seeding. There are currently eight counties participating in this round of cloud seeding. The council asked for clarification that they were the only city or entity in Jones County that was contributing to the Cloud Seeding. Plumlee clarified that they were.

Plumlee also said that following up with an agenda item on last month’s council meeting  about a request from the Stamford Housing Authority about forgiving the taxes for the housing authority. Plumlee said that he received a letter from Judy Detamore that the HUD program was going to reimburse the Stamford Housing Authority for the taxes and that the Housing Authority would pass a resolution to that effect at their May 12th meeting.

Also at the council meeting the council approved the minutes from the previous meeting, and they approved the appointing of Lindy Patton to the Development Corporation of Stamford. Patton served on the board prior to this and will be replacing outgoing board member Ken Roberson.

John Voller with Hibbs and Todd also came before the council to report that they had completed the water treatment project that was approved about a year ago and they were closing out the grant.

The council will next meet on May 18th at 5:15. 

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