Anson Elementary 4th Grades Talk about Mom


Obviously beautiful


Hard worker


Right on, Awesome

By Mari Soliz


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Candy is sweet

And so are you.

That is how I feel about my mother

Which I love more than my brother.

She's awesome and cool

I love it in the summer when she takes me to the pool.

She’s also courageous and kind

She will always be mine.

She is never sad,

But this Mother’s Day she will really be glad.

By Nick Villanueva


Dear Mom,

I love you because you are always there for me, and when I am injured you fix me up. You are a really good nurse and I love you for helping me when I’m in trouble. AND for helping with my homework. I love you for being the best mother in the whole entire world. You also take care of our cows, pigs, dogs, cats, and goats when they get sick. You make breakfast and dinner for the whole family. You do the dishes and laundry for all of us. You love your family and we all love YOU!!!


Forest Tischler


You’re the light in my life.

You can do things that please.

I’m the little one and you’re the older one.

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

By Carmen Lomas


Dear Mother,

Happy Mother’s Day! You are the best. Here is a poem I wrote for you.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Roses are sweet

And so are you.

Mom, you are the nicest, coolest mom. I hope you have a good Mother’s Day. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Love, Pete Rodriguez



Dear Mom,

I love you VERY much! Nobody could ever replace you. Thank you for doing things for me like getting me ice cream. You are the best!!! Love you!






Very good with kids


Really pretty

Because she’s awesome


Love, Laramy Overby


My mother is helpful, trustworthy, neighborly, and thoughtful. She is my most favorite person in the world. I just wish I could spend as much time with her instead of going places. My mom means a lot to me.

Love, Nicholas Walker


My mother is Katja Ann Guerra and I love her! My mom deserves way more than I can give her. She is the best mom in the whole world. If I could give her anything I would buy her purple flowers and a lot of chocolate! So, Mother, today is your day!

Most amazing cook

Only mom I will ever have (so I love you more)


Honest and full of heart


Really the best mom ever

By Amari Garcia












Rock star





By Taylor Safford


My mother is there when I’m down

To pick me up right off the ground

How much I love her is out of sight

And most of the time she is always right.

By Asher Jobe


Dear Mom,

You are very special to me. You’ve always been there for me. You are the best cook in the world. I love you. This is what your name means to me.





Love, Brittney Beckham


My mom is funny, smart and helpful. She always helps us. My mom is the prettiest person in the world. She cooks, cleans, and washes our clothes. My mom is the best mom in the world.


By Zanthia Dorsett

Dear Mom,

You have been around for so long and I love how you do stuff with me. I hope you will never change that. The thing that makes you special is your love to me. I’ve been around you for 10 years, and I’ve loved you ever since. Mom, the way I feel about you is loving, careful, truthful to me and I do not want that to change. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Noah Camacho


Dear Mom,

Thank you for taking care of me over the years. I thank you for cooking for me, giving me a bed to sleep on, and buying clothes for me. I also thank you for loving me no matter what.

Love, Landon Buchanan


I love my mom because she cooks for us, washes our clothes, and buys a lot of things for us. My mom is always there for me. The last 2 weeks have been hard on us, but she was there for me the whole time. That’s why I love my mom.

By Hailey Crutchfield

Mom, you make me laugh. You make me cry.

You give me one more try.

You love me from my head to my feet.

That’s why I love you. Because you’re so sweet.

By Jadaya Spells


Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I love you.

Thank you for loving me, too.

By Caitlynn Thomson



I love you because you pick me up when I’m down. You help me when I need it. You kiss me goodnight and you always love me. If I were without you I would not get that far in life. You have the warmest heart and when you smile it brings the world joy.

Love, Lexi Smith

Means everything to me



I love her


Does amazing things


By Jaxon Lange


Dear Mother,

You help me with everything. I know that I can always come to you. I love you.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

You help me,

And I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love, Makenna Collier




I love you, Nene. I hope I get to see you soon.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

But you are beautiful.

By Dakota Kitchens


I love my mom because she takes care of me and loves me, no matter what I do.

By Shiloh Davis


Dear Mom,

I love you so much to the moon and back. Mom, did anyone tell you how pretty you look? Thank you mom for everything you do. I love you so much.

Love, Keleigh Miller


My grandma’s are special to me because they love and care for my brother and me. They take care of us and help us when we need help. They teach us new things. They even help us clean up.

By Zachary Hernandez



I love you with all my heart and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are loyal, kind, pretty, and you are a real help with my homework. You also make your job look real easy. I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Mikayla Herring


My mom always does things for me. She is always making sure that I am living the best life possible. She helps me accomplish my goals. Even if I do something bad, she still loves me.

By Christian Ratliff


Dear Mom,

This is what you mean to me:






Love, Cathryn Hartman


I feel safe when I’m with my mom. I am happy when I get her love and she treats me nice. When she buys me clothes I thank her by doing things that are respectful to her.

By Jake Torres

My mom is the best because she does everything in my house. She takes care of us and buys us stuff that we need. She also tells us what to do or not to do. So that’s why I love her so much. She is the best mom ever.

By Macario Rodriguez


Dear Mom,

I wanted to let you know how much I love you. You are so special to me. Thank you for letting me have the life I have. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Jaclyn Rollins


Mom, I love you so much.

I love your special touch.

I love it when you hug me

And even when you bug me.

I will never stop

Even if I drop

Around the Earth

And to the moon

Just always know that


By Ryan Perry


I love you so much. You have always been there for me. If there was a meadow full of flowers and you wanted a specific flower that bloomed once every fifty years, I would spend my whole life getting you that one flower.

Love, Josh Ross


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