All About The Feel

By Debbie Heald


Trying to find clothes that are comfortable and look good are sometimes hard to find. No one person is built the same as others so shopping for clothes can be frustrating. Being a PLUS size woman adds to that frustration. Many times clothes that are PLUS size are neither stylish nor comfortable. Connie Nicholson Childress decided she would open up Little House of Treasures to help the PLUS size woman with her clothing needs. Connie knew it was difficult to find bigger sizes in clothing that looked trendy and affordable. Many stores she had tried shopping in to find clothes only had small sizes. When looking for bigger sizes in clothing while shopping and only finding small sizes one begins to feel bad about themselves. Connie wanted to offer PLUS size women’s clothing that would help them feel good about themselves while looking trendy and being affordable.

Prior to the opening of the clothing stor, Connie had a shop at the same location. She opened the store in 2008 and six short months later it burned. Connie was discouraged. She had worked very hard to get her shop open. Though Connie was upset about the burning of her shop, she began cleaning up from the fire and getting things back in order. Once she got things cleaned up and restored, Connie began doing alterations and furniture refinishing out of the shop. She kicked around the idea of opening the shop as a clothing store for 8 or 9 months, then decided it was time to get to work on her new venture. She started slow and is now building up her clothing inventory. Not only does her shop sell clothing, it also has shoes and jewelry plus minor alternations are also available. Taking furniture and giving it a “new look” is another service made available to those searching for a customized furniture piece.

Little House of Treasures is open Monday –Friday from 10-5. Should customers need something special after hours, they can contact Connie at 325-514-4739 or on her Facebook page.

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