Wastewater Spills Into County From Abilene

On Sunday, April 26th before 8:15a.m. around 1.5 million gallons of domestic wastewater from the City of Abilene’s Water Collection System was spilled on cultivated farm land approximately half a mile south of Deadman’s Creek, half a mile west of CR 311 in Jones County and half a mile north of CR 306 in Jones County. Individuals with private drinking wells that are within a half mile radius around the spill site should boil water for drinking, cooking, bathing and brushing teeth or used bottled water. Those with private wells will remain under a water notice until the well is tested and disinfected if affected by the spill. It is imperative to stay away from the spill site due to hazardous material in the wastewater. Should there be contact with any waste material, water or soil that might be affected, it is advised to take a bath and wash all clothing immediately. Abilene’s drinking water has not been affected by the incident. Once water receives treatment at local plants, it is safe to use. Personnel from the City of Abilene Water Department have contacted the appropriate local officials and the Region 3 TCEQ office.

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