Wilburn Sees Potential In Area

There is great potential in your surroundings when you evaluate the value and need it possesses for others. From an early age Samantha Wilburn had an attachment to the real estate world. Her father was a real estate agent and a certified general appraiser. Samantha’s mother was a real estate agent and retired from a career as a loan officer at a Central Texas bank. Growing up she spent nights eating dinner listening to discussions on the facets of the real estate world.  She learned about what listings, showings, loan rates, escrow statements and comps were all about and spent countless hours going with her father to visit real estate offices and county courthouses. As she got older she began to work for title companies. These jobs gave her experience in pulling deeds, filing and getting to know the different aspects of real estate.

Samantha attended college and took classes in real estate and real estate appraisal. Her education led her to a position as a elementary school special education teacher. Though this was nowhere close to a career in real estate, she loved teaching special education. She built many lasting relationships with the children she taught and still keeps in touch with them.

After teaching for a few years she decided it was time to be a stay at home mom.  Samantha and her husband had three children and grew their family.  Along the way the couple started their own businesses. Though it was difficult at times, they managed to make it work together. Once their oldest two children were in school and the businesses were on solid ground, Samantha started trying to decide what she wanted to do professionally with her life.

Real Estate was in her blood and she had been interested in it since she was a young child but starting into the real estate business would not be easy. She knew of many people who had pursued a career in real estate and did not make it. It would be hard but Samantha knew she wasn’t afraid of the challenge. Samantha decided the first step toward her new career was to work towards her real estate appraiser’s license. She worked for two and a half years being an appraiser trainee and gained enough experience hours to qualify for her State Certified Appraiser licensing test.  Samantha then decided the next step would be to become licensed as a real estate agent. All of her hard work has brought her to where she is today. Samantha is now an appraiser for Austin Huckabee in Abilene and is an agent for Ekdahl Real Estate.

People ask her why she wants to be an agent in this area. Her reply is “There are lots of opportunities in Anson and the area which surrounds it.” She sees potential in the growth of the recreational land market in the Anson area. Those looking to buy recreational land are most often priced out of areas such as the Hill Country but they need to be aware of what the land around Jones County has to offer. Recreational land in the Hill Country is very high especially with “live” water on it. Live water means the land has flowing water. Recreational land in the Jones County area goes for less than half that of the Hill Country area.

Having a real estate agent that is local makes those searching for real estate feel more comfortable. Samantha has remained very involved in the community and by staying involved, she feels she understands what clients are searching for. She doesn’t want buyers or sellers to feel like they are on their own whether it be buying or selling residential property or recreational property.

There has been a misconception that sellers can’t afford agents. This misconception leaves sellers with no one to guide them through the selling process step by step. Many times money is left on the table without the help of an agent. Houses listed with agents will list at a better price and will have less market time than those that are sold as “For Sale By Owner”. It is her goal to make clients feel at ease. Ultimately Samantha would like to be known as a local source of real estate. She chose to work with Ekdahl Real Estate because she has seen their professionalism first hand. John and his staff have a well-run office and are very professional. They understand it is a dream and desire to own one’s own property, and they go the extra mile to help their clients accomplish just that. Samantha wants to be a part of helping buyers and sellers make their dreams come true so if you are in need of a real estate agent, contact Samantha Wilburn for all your buying and selling needs.

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