Council Approves Request By Hospital to Extend Line of Credit Notes

By Callie Metler-Smith


Anson Memorial Hospital CEO Pam Gonzales addressed the Anson City Council at their April 13th meeting. Gonzales requested that the council  approve a request to ask First National Bank of Anson for an extension on the line of credit notes that the hospital took out a few months ago. Gonzales outlined that the hospital had already talked to the bank about granting a six-month extension on the $100,000 line of credit payment that was due this month. Gonzales said that she had discussed with the bank on taking an extension with the hospital and going ahead and paying the interest due on the account. The other line of credit for $200,000 also has a payment due in May, and Gonzales requested that she be able to approach the bank about a similar extension with that payment. Gonzales reported that the hospital was actively seeking sources of revenue. They are currently working with two companies, one that is looking at the 2012 and 2014 fiscal years to get reimbursement from Medicare and another called Revenue Cycle Management Company that helps with streamlining day to day operations and keeping expenses down. The first company is estimating that they can recover around a million dollars over the next year. Their payout for this service is 20% of what they are able to recover.

Councilwoman Evelyn Edwards asked Gonzales what would happen if the council declined to allow for the extension on the lines of credit. Gonzales stated that the hospital would have to look at starting closing processes.  Councilwoman Angela Ramirez made the motion to approve the extension of the lines of credit, with Councilman Larry White seconding the motion. All other council members voted in favor, with Councilman Keith Gilbert abstaining due to conflict of interest.

Next the council reviewed requests from the IDC of Anson, Inc. The first was a transfer of the loan previously offered to Two Sisters Restaurant to Jeannie Free for and economic development project to purchase oven, grill, fryer, vent-a-hood, and related equipment for the restaurant. Representative from the IDC, Linda Powell, stated that the IDC had paid out $1,957.49 to Sears, and the rest would be given to Free for the restaurant. This is a 5 year loan.

The other request was to approve the purchase of the Home Health building owned by the hospital. The amount approved was for up to $69,000 or the appraised value of the property with the hospital paying to get the building appraised. Both requests were approved by the council.

The council then approved the appointing of Sylvia Moreland and Keith Graham to the Anson War Memorial Park Committee and the appointment of Evelyn Lollar to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the appointing of City Manager Sonny Campbell as Code Enforcement Officer for purposes of enforcing city ordinances.

Campbell then outlined a request to insulate the workshop and CL2 injecting site buildings owned by the city. He said both buildings need better heating, especially the one that contains the water pump. He also requested and was granted approval to purchase a new riding mower for the park and water plant up to $7,400.

The council discussed both the Substandard Buildings Ordinance and the Manufactured Housing Subdivision rezoning, but both items were tabled so that they could be looked into more. The council decided to revisit both issues at a future council date.

Police Chief David Moore began his police report by disclosing to the council that one of his officers, David Sanchez, had been bit by a rattlesnake at the city park the night before when responding to a call about the snake. Sanchez is currently in ICU recovering from the bite.

Moore also reported that the Anson Police Department had a fairly peaceful month in March, but had submitted one case to the County Attorney’s office and two to the District Attorney.

After voting to pay the Accounts Payable, the council adjourned for the evening.

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