City Council Approves Opening of Pool for Summer

At the April 6th meeting of the Stamford City Council, City Manager approached the City Council with the question of whether or not to open the Stamford City Pool. Plumlee informed the council that the filter system on the pool would need to be replaced before the pool could be used again. He had priced the cost of the new filters at the end of the season last year and he was estimating it would cost around $25,000 to replace. He also said another consideration was that with the current water usage and evaporation at the lake, the city would likely be in Stage 4 water restrictions sometime in July. At Stage 4 water restrictions no pools are allowed, private or public. Plumlee also informed the council that in the 38 days the pool was opened 1,497 people used it.

Councilman James Decker voiced that he felt the same as he always had about the pool, that it was never going to be a money making deal, but that it was an important service to the community. After discussion the council voted to replace the filtration system and move forward with opening the pool. All council members voted in favor with the exception of Councilwoman Pam Reither, who abstained from voting.

The council entered into two executive sessions. The first was to discuss the personnel matter of DJ Huston. Huston was arrested two weeks ago in Lubbock County and is currently on unpaid leave from the city. The second session was to discuss Lots 1,2,3, and 4, Block 7, of the Thompson Addition Number Two, City of Stamford, Jones County. After a lengthy executive sessions, the council didn’t take any action on either item.

Cheyenne Bereuter spoke on behalf of the Chamber to request the use of the square for the Chamber’s Cinco de Mayo celebration that will be held on May 2nd. The request was approved.

The council also approved the minutes for the March 16th meeting of the council and the appointing of Robert Smith to the Cowboy Country Museum Board to fill the vacancy left by Donna Sue Anders.

In his City Manager report, Plumlee informed the council that the filtration system at the water treatment plant was going to be replaced. He is predicting that between the filtration and the “Burn Out” program the city was implementing, that citizens would be able to tell a difference in the water quality.  He also reported that after the city fixed two leaks in the Stamford Lake line, that the city was no longer running on College Lake water and was back on Stamford Lake water.

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