Ramos New Foreman For Precinct 4

Jones County Commissioner’s Court met on March 23, 2015 for their regularly scheduled meeting. The meeting began with approval of the last meeting’s minutes. Sheriff Larry Moore then presented his racial profiling report. In the report Moore said his department had 35 stops for the year. Twenty-eight of those calls were Caucasian, 1 African American and 6 Hispanic. He stated his department did not hassle people and that they did no targeting. Constable Scotty Hansen spoke with the court about his racial profiling report. Hansen said he was exempt from the report but it was required by the state to report to the court.

A bid by Margaret Mendoya was approved for the purchase of #Suite 10425, tax ID# R25572 , original Stamford, Block 38, Lots 10 & 11, Jones County in the amount of $1415.00 for court costs.

Discussion was had over an agreement with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Wording was changed in the agreement to add the words confidential information. The court approved the change to the agreement. Deputation of Deputy Sheriff, Justin Dean Stewart and Deputy District Clerk, Karyn Cooper was approved. No action was taken on the new Deputy Sheriff’s home address inside Taylor County or use of the county vehicle.

Commissioner Joe Whitehorn of Precinct 4 addressed the board on making Danny Ramos foreman. Whitehorn said Ramos did a good job and deserved the position. He stated he would like Ramos to receive a pay raise for the new position. This extra pay would be taken out of Whitehorn’s part time pay and go into effect next pay period.  The court discussed taking action on repairs that were to be made on County Road 411. The road is in Precinct 4 and has been closed for 2 years.  Whitehorn said the road was a heavily traveled one and needed to be repaired. He said he could get the materials to repair the road and would have it passible within three days. Costs to repair the road would be around $20,000, $10,000 of which is for a culvert.  Whitehorn had the money within his budget for the project. 

The court discussed the TXDOT Transportation Infrastructure Grant. Information regarding this grant stated that the precinct’s could use their stock piled material on projects is they chose, but they would need to document all materials that are stock piled. In the event the precincts are audited they may disallow reimbursement for the materials if proper documentation is not on file.  Cost is only for materials. The use of machinery, labor or equipment costs would not be included. Spurgin told commissioners it was up to each precinct to decide how they wanted to handle the matter. No action was taken on purchasing equipment. The court then discussed the TXDOT surplus material information. Judge Spurgin told the court that TXDOT would like to keep all the surplus material the same. He said they were looking to see what wraps were available. TXDOT will work with the county on the surplus matter but the closest materials available are in Scurry County. Spurgin stated the drive to obtain the materials is too long to be economically worth having. Fuel bids were advertised for and three vendors had already contacted Spurgin. He said forms were also available in his office.

Amber Thompson then presented the treasurer’s report. The county had a starting balance of $6,620,823.73 with accounts payable in the amount of $72,762.73 leaving a balance of $6,548,061.00. A budget amendment for Precincts 3 & 4 for mower heads, a line item for a credit card bill and payment on bills was approved.  The meeting was adjourned. Spurgin told the commissioners that pesticide training was being offered and that they might consider attending. Charge for the pesticide application fee was $50.

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