Anson Elementary To Seek New Principal

The Anson ISD Board of Trustees met on March 23, 2015 for their regularly scheduled meeting in the board room at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was called to order and the opening prayer was said. There was no one present to speak during open forum. Recognition of Students of the Month was then done. Brynlee Cosby was presented a certificate for Student of the Month for the Anson Elementary campus. Caitlin Hudson, Student of the Month for Anson Middle School, and Tyler Maxwell, Student of the Month for Anson High School, were unable to attend. The consent agenda, bills and finance report and 2014-2015 budget amendments were discussed and approved. Debbie Heald, representative from the American newspapers, presented the board with information on a new app that the paper is implementing. The app would cover all Jones County news and business information and would also be free to download. Businesses from Anson, Stamford and Hawley are involved in the new app implementation. Heald stated that the app would broaden access to Jones County information whether it be businesses information, sports related, current events or basic information about what is located in the county. No action was taken on this agenda item. There were no reports given from the athletic director or principals from each campus. Superintendent Jay Baccus then gave his report. Baccus stated that the student count was 721 for all campuses. He said this was not bad considering the sickness on all campuses. Baccus said students at each campus were staying busy with sports events and testing. He told the board hand rails for the visitor’s side of the new gymnasium were a work in progress and that the project would be completed as soon as possible. With there being meetings in Austin on legislation concerning education in Texas, Baccus told the board he would be attending. He stated that on his agenda there were various issues that affect small school districts that he would like to speak about. Baccus informed the board that legislators were discussing making changes to many programs that affect small schools in Texas. Topics that Baccus planned on discussing on his visit included the importance of making no changes in TRS, the Instructional Material Allotment, Transportation Allotment and the matter of no equity in the school system. The Instructional Material Allotment would discuss the amount of money given to schools to purchase books. This allotment is in many cases not enough to purchase what is needed by students. To cover what is needed for district’s students the school has to cover the costs of needed materials. The Transportation allotment given has remained the same since 1983 and is in need of revision. No equity in school systems entails some school districts receiving large amounts of funding while others receive very little if not any. Baccus discussed progress of the insurance claim from May of 2013. He discussed with the board that Rowe Roofing was using a drone to do assessment on the roofs of each campus. The roofing company had done 11 new air conditioning overlays for the district so far and is in the process of patching roofs of the elementary and high school. They are also fixing an area in the auditorium where the roof had been leaking. Baccus said that the track project was ready to begin but they were waiting until closer to the end of track season before they begin work. The base for the track will be done by Raydon, and Fischer Track will be doing the surface. A drainage issue at the football field caused damage to the base of the track. This drainage problem was also a topic discussed. Baccus said that Enprotec-Hibbs and Todd were contractors that were assessing the situation. The company stated to Baccus that a drainage ditch needed to be created to take water away from the football field and track. Fixing this issue would require moving the portable building between the field house and the weight room and creating a ditch with conduit incased in cement. Cost of the project is not known at this time but should it cost over what has been budgeted, the fuel station portion of the district's construction plan may have to be put on hold. Discussion was had amongst board members that the work might be done more cost effectively by the school but they agreed that to make sure things were done properly, in compliance, and without liability it was best to spend what was needed to make sure the job was done by a contractor. No action was taken on softball lighting which was also on the construction plan. The board accepted a bid from Gary Galvan in the amount of $150 for 2 pieces of property. Baccus told the board that a representative from the Texas Department of Agriculture had come to the school to review their pesticide spraying procedures to see if they were in compliance. He stated that at the time of the visit, Scott Nash who had done spraying for the school did not have his certification and there was no one in charge of pesticide management. The representative wrote a report of what needed to be done for the school to be in compliance. Since the visit Scott Nash has received his certification to spray, and Logan Vinson has been named as the IPM coordinator, and the school is now in compliance. Baccus said he was not sure what the out of compliance report would mean for the district but he would inform them as soon as more information became available on the matter. The board then approved an agreement between Anson ISD and the Department of State Health Services. This agreement states that in the event of an emergency, the Department of State Health Services may use the facilities. Approval was given for a waiver to be sent to the state in regards to a low attendance day during the icy weather. The 2015-2016 calendar was gone over. The new school calendar would have school starting August 24 with Thanksgiving holidays of November 26 and 27 with an early out on November 25, Christmas holidays from December 18-January 5, Spring Break March 14-18 and school ending on May 27, 2016. E3 Entegral Solutions has been at the schools assessing the lighting. Baccus had no report from them but he felt sure that they would recommend LED lighting. The board then went into executive session. After a short recess the meeting convened. Resignations were approved for David Hargrove, Geneva Hargrove, Mark Freeman, James Stevens, Armando Felan, John Ward, Erma Baladez and Gabriel Lozano. It was approved to offer contracts to Mario Estrada, Scott Richardson, Walt Brock, Justin Wiley, Clay Costen, Scotty Nichols, Mandy Estrada, Kelly Brock, Michele Wiley and Kari Nichols for the 2015-2016 school year. Clay Costen was approved to finish out the 2014-2015 school year. Items for next month’s agenda include dates to be discussed for the board’s summer conference, the new athletic policy and the residency policy.

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