Dropping the Green Flag: Finish Line Auto Detailing Opens for Business

By Will McClure


If Stamford residents want their vehicle to look like it just rolled off the new car lot, no matter how old it is, then they need look no further than Finish Line Auto, a new auto care service that currently offers full auto detailing and, hopefully at some point, will act as a complete car care center that will offer mechanical upkeep as well as oil changes. The owner, Lance Webb, spent summers in Stamford on Lake Stamford and really liked the small town atmosphere as well as being a good place to raise a family. Eventually, Webb and his family lived on the lake until the last major flood, which forced them to relocate to Lubbock. Not finding the bigger city suitable to raise his family, Webb relocated back to Stamford and eventually opened Finish Line. With the shop opening just last Monday, March 16, Webb has already seen steady business, detailing one to two cars a day, which has allowed him to build a good reputation and happy clientele.

Webb says that they can take a car, no matter how dirty it may be, and make it look like it came off the car lot. In a process that takes roughly around three hours to complete, Webb uses a line of eco-friendly chemicals to remove the dirt and grime, vacuum the interior, shampoo the carpets, etc. While car washes can get vehicles looking nice, Finish Line goes the extra mile with hard work and “elbow grease” to send the customer home happy, with services starting at $35.

When it comes to water usage in the process, Webb says that he is concerned with the water situation in Stamford and is doing his part to keep water consumption down within Finish Line. Webb revealed that he is currently working out a solution to Finish Line’s water consumption within the next 30 days.

“We are aware and are concerned with the local water situation with the lake levels getting low,” Webb said. “What we are doing is setting up an outside water source…we should have water tanks set up in the back to where we can have water hauled in from an outside water source that is run through a filter system and water softening and stuff like that.” With the hope that business will pick up to four to five vehicles a day, Webb is doing his part to service the customer without contributing to the scarce water situation Stamford is currently facing. Webb hopes that the system will be set up soon.

Along with auto detailing, Webb stated that Finish Line is currently looking for a mechanic to service vehicles as well, in order to transform into a complete car care center, which will also help in the other side of the business: consignment sales. Webb states that car owners looking to sell their vehicles and who do not want to deal with the hassle, can consign with Finish Line, who will take over the process, as well as do any mechanical and/or detail work to make the vehicle more desirable for buyers. Finish Line is networked with social media, such as Stamford On-line Garage Sales, as well as media in the Abilene and San Angelo areas to find a buyer for the vehicle. This allows the seller to be relieved of the pressure of selling the vehicle and leave all of the leg work to Finish Line throughout the process.

“Whenever you make a post about a vehicle, no matter what you put in the post you are going to get 15 calls a day. It takes that pressure off and the time [needed to sell],” Webb said.

While the renovation process is still ongoing for the shop itself, with the main office still in the remodeling process, Finish Line is off and running with exceptional customer service and excellent work. Webb will eventually look to hire the right individuals to work in the shop. His staff currently consists of Webb himself and his two teenage sons that help after school. He is currently focused on putting the finishing touches on the shop while continuing to serve the citizens of Stamford. Webb said that he is glad to be in Stamford and to be able to contribute to the small town atmosphere. If Stamford residents need quality detailing work completed, then they should head down to Finish Line for just that reason. Good luck to Finish Line and what the future may hold!

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