No Trace

Reuniting after 2 years of not seeing ones family is a joyous occasion. Brothers Jack Jordan and Marvin Jordan of Stamford were happy to see one another after they got to spend time reminiscing at Valley View Care Center where Marvin resides. The two brothers have many memorable moments growing up, many of which left a lasting impression in their hearts and minds. Jack and Marvin also had a sister Edith and brother J.L. The three brothers joined the military when they were younger. Jack and J.L. were in the Army, and Marvin was in the Air Force.  Though the three brothers all enlisted they were not able to stay in close contact with one another. They were all serving on different ground but their purpose was ONE that focused on dedication to protecting their country. With each of their units being on different assignments, meeting up was almost impossible.

Jack, who was in Patton’s 3rd Army, and J.L., who was in another division of the army, met up during down time after their assignments. The two enjoyed their visit though it was short. They knew they had no idea when they would see each other again or their siblings. Two weeks later Jack obtained information that J.L. had died. Heartbroken over the loss of his brother, he held onto the short time he had with him two weeks prior to his death. News of J.L.’s death was very vague. Little information was known especially that of where his body had been buried.

The war came to a close. Years passed and there was no information that could be found about where J.L. was laid to rest. The boys' sister Edith passed away, and all that remained was Jack and Marvin.  Recently Jack’s daughter, Jackie (Sissy) Jordan, became friends on Facebook with a young lady who had information on where J.L. was buried. After 62 years of not knowing where their brother was, Jack and Marvin now knew. The young lady sent pictures of J.L.’s gravesite which was located in the Netherlands, and she has become care taker of it.  Though the loss of their brother and sister can never be diminished, the two brothers can have peace of mind knowing that their brother J.L. is remembered as the hero he truly was.

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