Drought Conditions Affect Water Quality

With drought conditions being evident it is not a surprise to be notified that there are issues with the water in small towns across the state. Water levels are very low if not dry in several lakes that supply Anson as well as neighboring communities. Anson water customers received a letter from the City of Anson stating the city’s drinking water was above the maximum contaminant level for trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes form from a reaction caused by the combination of chlorine that is added to water during the disinfecting process and the organic particles that are naturally present in water. Through testing of the water the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality notified the city that their trihalomethanes levels were elevated. The City Water Treatment Facility has been very thorough in maintaining all testing requirements of water that supply residents but with diminishing lake levels maintaining the same purity of the water has become more difficult. With water levels dropping in area lakes more impurities begin to become prevalent. Using a different water source is not advised at the present time. The use of water containing elevated trihalomethanes over many years may increase the possibility of people having liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems. The risk of cancer can also be increased. Should you have health concerns it is advised that you speak with your health provider to obtain more information. The City of Anson and the water treatment facility is working with TCEQ on trying to remedy the issue. 

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