County To Receive Surplus Materials from TXDOT

The Jones County Commissioner’s Court met on March 9, 2015 for their regular scheduled meeting. The court began by approving the minutes from their previous meeting. Bids were approved from Manuel Ramos Jr. in the amount of $951.00 for the purchase of Suit #9921, Tax ID #R22561, College Heights, Stamford, Block 152, Lot 15, Jones County; James F. and Kathy Grubb in the amount of $501.00 for the purchase of suit #0535, Tax ID #R54336, AO497 6 RM Thompson, Tract 4 and 5, Acres 1.00, Jones County; Charles and Samantha Larsen in the amount of $382.05 for the purchase of suit #8850, Tax ID #21436, original town of Hamlin, block 86, lot 3, Jones County; and Dale Higgins in the amount of $676.00 for the purchase of suit #10614, Tax ID #R53768 and R24463, Mt. View Estates, block C, lot 40 and 41, Jones County. All bid amounts were from court costs. 

Commissioners James Clawson, Ross Davis and Joe Whitehorn discussed with the court that they had machinery they wanted to purchase but needed to gather more details before they were brought before the court for approval. Judge Spurgin then told the board that to get unclaimed capital credits from Electric Cooperative for the Kash For Kids Program they would need to send a letter to the state comptroller’s office to retrieve those funds. The court approved the action and Spurgin said he would send the letter to get funds for the program. Spurgin then asked the commissioners if they needed any surplus material from Texas Department of Transportation. The commissioners from all Precincts stated that they would like to make use of the surplus. Precincts 1 and 2 stated they needed material and 3 and 4 wanted culverts. Spurgin stated he would notify TXDOT.

The court discussed that Snyder Iron and Metal Recycling had taken over management of Anson Metal Recycling. The company had discussed with Spurgin and Commissioner Whitehorn about putting a roll off on the precinct’s yards for salvage materials. Commissioner Whitehorn told the company that he felt it would not be beneficial to do so in that it would take at least 2 to 3 years to fill it. Spurgin said that it was up to the commissioners on how they wanted to handle this matter. They discussed that the roll off might be more in the way on the precinct yards than helping to maintain scrap materials.

The court then approved E-Verify contract amendment #23939939 with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and taking of fuel bids to be advertised in April. Amber Thompson gave the treasurer’s report. The report showed the county was secured for $8,163,074.45, with a balance of $7,602, 595.50 after outstanding bills were paid leaving it over secured in the amount of $560,478.95. Budget amendments line item transfers and paying of the bills were then approved. The meeting was adjourned with no items to be discussed.

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