Stamford Memorial Hospital Foundation Honors the Late Faye Kelley

By Callie Metler-Smith

It seems only fitting that in the month of March, a month designated as Women’s History Month, that a woman who dedicated her time and financial support to Stamford Memorial Hospital should be honored. The hospital did just that when they held a reception at Country Elegance on Friday, March 6th to honor Faye Kelley and the generous gift of her estate to the hospital. Featured at Country Elegance were the Faye Kelley Dining Room, featuring Kelley’s own dining room set, fixtures, chandelier, and art work painted by Kelley, and the Faye Kelley Board Room at Stamford Memorial Hospital.

Kelley, the daughter of Theodore and Mary Jane (Frazier) Kelley, was born and raised in Rule. She had a very flourishing career with Exxon where she worked for the Engineering Department for 26½ years in Midland. She moved back to Stamford in 1986, when she became passionate about Stamford Hospital volunteering in the Stamford Hospital Auxiliary Pink Ladies and serving as President of the Pink Ladies from 1990-91. She was often seen volunteering at the hospital in some capacity every day. Her devotion to the hospital continued when she went on to serve on the Stamford Memorial Hospital Board of Directors from 1992-96.

When the Stamford Memorial Hospital Foundation, a nonprofit set up to help the hospital, was set up in 1998, Kelley provided the cornerstone donation, insuring that the interest off her donation would continue to be used in the hospital. In the words of the hospital employees, “Her donation was a beautiful example to light the way for others to follow to ensure the stability and security for healthcare in our community for many years to come.”

When Kelley fell ill, she became a long standing respite care patient of the hospital, a program which was a predecessor to the current day Country Elegance facility. When she died in 2012, she left a great portion of her estate to the Hospital Foundation ensuring her legacy to the hospital would continue to bless many for years to come.

A press release from the hospital said this, “Faye is remembered as being a brilliant woman who was both beautiful and engaging. Her hobbies included traveling and reading. She was also a gifted artist and enjoyed painting china, pictures and lamps. She loved her family and delighted in hosting them at her home. Many wonderful memories were shared around her dining room table which will now be enjoyed by the residents of Country Elegance and their families.”

For more information about the Stamford Memorial Hospital Foundation, please contact Rick DeFoore at 325-773-2725 or Don Cobb at 325-773-3661.



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    Judy Mills Payne (Thursday, 12 March 2015 18:51)

    What a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. Faye was a personal friend of our family and we were truly blessed to have known her!!