Tax Security With Katz Consulting

By Debbie Heald


Knowing one can count on their tax preparer to accurately and efficiently take care of their tax matters gives one peace of mind. Kathy Middleton of Katz Consulting has been working with taxes for over 20 years. She is married with three children and one grandchild. Kathy realizes how hard it is to care for a family while working. She feels it is important to feel secure financially, and she understands how vital it is to be accurate when dealing with tax preparation and tax matters. Since the age of twenty she has helped family and friends prepare their taxes but as she got older she decided she wanted to go to work for H & R Block and Liberty Tax Service to learn more about tax preparation. Along with learning more about taxes through these jobs, she also worked for the state comptroller’s office as a tax auditor. Kathy received her BBA in Accounting from Angelo State University. Her education and experience has given Kathy the knowledge and information to be able to help clients feel secure. Not only does Kathy have her own business, she also works for Ranger Plant Constructional Company which is a multi-state company. There she does payroll for 5 different states at one time. Her job includes dealing with paperwork for the hiring and firing process, child support and payroll taxes for over 250 employees. In all aspects of the word, she is a tax accountant. Since 2012 Kathy has been registered with the IRS and within the next year she is working to become an enrolled agent (EA). An enrolled agent is able to represent taxpayers in court with the IRS. To become an enrolled agent, individuals must pass three tests.

Though Kathy has just recently opened her new business in Anson it is growing rapidly. She plans on one day making Katz Consulting her full time job. Kathy’s dream is to work for herself so she can be her own boss. She is excited on the growth of her business. Whether a customer is a tax, bookkeeping, Quick Books or payroll client each one being satisfied is important. Kathy wants to educate clients on their tax responsibilities and help them stay in compliance with the IRS on all levels. With her education and experience in the field of tax preparation, Kathy knows she can give clients dependable and accurate service. Knowing the ins and outs of tax regulations enables Kathy to be able to take the worry from clients scared to deal with tax matters.

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