School Board News February 2015

The meeting was called to order, roll taken, and invocation given.

The students of the month were: Pre K-Claire Seago, Kelia Segura; Kindergarten-Angel Penney; Elementary-Jacy Jones; Middle School-Colton Strickland; High School-Brianna Cadiente, Jaxon Elliott

There were no open forum discussions.

Consent Agenda was approved.

Proposal for structural and mechanical engineering for air conditioning the gym was discussed. The company must first determine that the gym is structurally sound enough to handle the added weight of the units. Discussion was also brought up about where the funds would come from to finance the remodeling. Final approval would not occur until the March meeting at soonest. The board approved the inspection of the structure to insure the remodel would be feasible.

The board looked at the graduation requirements and discussed changes that may come up as policy changes.

The board went into closed session.

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