Council Looks into Options for North Anson Lake

The Anson City Council held their first meeting of the month of February on Monday, February 9th at 6:00 pm.

Chris Elias came before the council to present a proposal to return North Anson Lake to more of a Wetland Restoration Management area. The lake has had issues with low water and overpopulated brush in many areas of the lake as well as the dam. He is looking at a long term lease for the area. The council directed Elias to sit down with City Manager Sonny Campbell sometime within the next 30 days to get a formal agreement together.

Pat Seballos  representing the Educational Facilities  Board informed the council that the board had voted to approve the addition of Kay Lumpkin and provided $20,000 to the Sons of Anson War Memorial, which is a project to provide a war memorial for Anson.

The city reviewed a proposal by the Anson General Hospital to sell the old Home Health building which is located directly across the street from the hospital. After some discussion the council decided to let the hospital hire a broker and once a buyer was found they would advertise for bids.

Under review of the Anson General Hospital bylaws, board member Linda Powell and COO Pam Gonzales presented the board with a letter in answer to a recent article in the Western Observer on January 28th saying that a city council member had always been a member of the governing board of the hospital. The letter states that the hospital by-laws were amended in October 1989 to allow for a city council member to sit on the board although this right had never been fully exercised.  Since the council had not been able to look over all the bylaws, the item was tabled until the next meeting.

The council also approved publishing notice for bids for city depository. They also approved the submission of a Texas Community Development Block Grant Program Application to the Texas Department of Agriculture. This grant if awarded would provide funds to go to updating infrastructure, and will require the city to give a 10% match in funds. The city will know later this year if they are awarded the grant.

They also approved the addition of Charlie Hicks, Pat Seballos and Jon Cook to the Industrial Development Board for Anson, and the addition of Regina Thompson to the Anson Development Board in place of Rowland Foster.

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