City Could See Recovery Of Lost Water Sales With New Meter System

The Anson City Council heard a proposal from Kirk Barnett of Western Industrial Supply on replacing the city’s current water meters. To replace current meters with new Sensus meters, the cost would be approximately $340,826. Maintenance on the current water meter system has not been done in many years. With the current system, City Manager Sonny Campbell stated that currently 550 of the city’s meters are not accurate. The 550 meters are either nonfunctional or misreading information. Water sales loss due to unmetered water ranges from 18% to 26% for the city. Implementation of new meters will cut down on loss of water for the city and will allow for a more accurate reading system. The new meters have a warrantee that would be guaranteed to read 98.5% accurate for 20 years. Should any of the meters go out they would be replaced and the warrantee would start over. The city could use their same system but migrate into new software that would be more efficient. The changes to the meter system would offer leak protection and show empty pipe alarms for lost meters. Presently the city is losing around $5,100 per month to lost water sales on unmetered water. This loss could be recovered by installing the new meters, and over a three and a half year time period the city would be able to recover the cost of implementing the new system. Should the city decide to replace existing meters with new Sensus meters, it would take approximately 2½ to 3 months to change over. The Sensus meters have been in use for 6½ years and are able to run an unlimited amount of water through them. Sensus meters measure impurities in the water to gather readings and are made up of charged magnets. Current meters have lead and once taken out cannot be put back in due to state regulations on lead content criteria. Though changes to the meter system will be costly, the recovery of lost water sales will be beneficial to the city and water customers will have a more accurate billing statement monthly. 

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