“Help Us Help You”

Educating children in knowing their address and phone number in emergency situations is very important in giving first responders better response time.  Although 911 services utilize a vast database to aide first responders on location and various information, it is imperative to verify information with those who contact 911 in an emergency. To help educate students about the importance of knowing how to use 911, a group of educators came together to create their own character to aide in the learning experience. A video and learning material were also developed to utilize in the classroom to reinforce 911 information. 

Patti Davis with the West Central Council of Government has worked with the 911 program for 17 years. She is very involved in the Regional 911 Program. The program covers an 18 county area and provides counties with equipment, training, accurate maps and public education. Davis alongside other educators feel compelled to make learning fun with their new classroom character Cellphone Sally.  The Cellphone Sally character visits students in the 18 county area and with the help of 911 educators shares information to aide students in being prepared to use 911 services if needed. Points stressed with students include remaining calm when calling 911, speaking clearly, knowing location, be able to give name, number and answer all questions truthfully, follow instructions and don’t hang up until instructed. Parents are also asked to lock phones before putting them in pockets or purses to prevent accidental calls to 911 and to also remove batteries from unused cell phones before allowing children to play with them. With continued education of communities, 911 will be able to help those it services more efficiently.

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