District Hospital Tax Under Consideration

The Anson City Council discussed the idea of implementing a district hospital tax during their regular scheduled meeting on January 26, 2015. In prior elections the implementation of a hospital tax did not pass. The council was undecided whether to act on taking measures to proceed with the matter. The council decided to gather further information on costs of adding the district hospital tax to a ballot and agreed that before acting they would discuss the matter further in their next scheduled meeting. City Secretary, Regina Thompson, was asked to gather information on costs and how to proceed should the council decide to take action on the matter. Estimated cost to put a district hospital tax on a ballot was between $1500 and $3000. Thompson told the council they would need to seek clearance to proceed and should they decide to place the hospital tax on a ballot, they would have to hold the election themselves without any outside help. During discussion Pete Klein stated that he was very aware of the need for a hospital in Anson but with its present financial state felt it was not smart to sink more money into what appeared to be something that could inevitably bury the community. Klein also said that the communities of Stamford, Hamlin and Anson could not continue to keep their community hospitals open with the way rural health care is today. Councilwoman Evelyn Edwards stated that combining the three hospitals into one county hospital seemed the best option. After further discussion councilman Larry White asked if it was possible for representatives from the other hospitals to come speak with the council. Linda Powell asked the council why they could not sell the hospital. Councilman Keith Gilbert said that no one would want to buy it. Klein said that all rural hospitals were in dire need and that Anson was not the only community with this problem. Gilbert stated that a study was being done to see what a feasible option was for the hospital. 

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