Court Approves Purchase To Resurface Precinct 4 Roads

By Debbie Heald

The Jones County Commissioner’s Court met on January 26 for their regularly scheduled meeting. During the meeting the commissioner’s approved the minutes from their last meeting and approved changes to update their investment policy for 2015. The investment policy covers two CD’s that are insured with First National Bank of Anson. Joe Whitehorn, Commissioner for Precinct 4,  stated he needed to purchase a vibrating packer to resurface some of the roads in his precinct. The packer costs $25,000 and has a new motor. The court approved the purchase of the vibrating packer for Precinct 4.

A bid was submitted by Larry Zastrow in the amount of $750 for the purchase of account #P000004643/Z000007476/Z000007843/R536468, Suit #TX-01-0973, 28’ x 68’ Montgomery Manufactured Home. The bid was given to get the title for the mobile home so it could be disposed of on his existing property. The court approved the bid. No action was taken on the Jones County Personnel Policy and the sale of real property and adoption of a process to sell by sealed bid. The court then approved that the county judge would remain their purchasing agent and that the agenda item discussed in their prior meeting dealing with the policy of expenditures would be redone to read $750 to $5000 approved by purchasing agent, expenditures over $5000 would be approved by the Commissioner’s Court. Each request is also to be made in writing.

Amber Thompson presented the treasurer’s report. Thompson stated the county had a balance of $5,252, 825.93 before outstanding bills in the amount of $131,549.70 were paid. There had also been a bank error of $22.67 that was being rectified leaving the county with a balance of $5,121,298.90. The court approved budget amendments, line item transfers, paying of the bills and the meeting was then adjourned. 

 Judge Spurgin then stated that Items for discussion at the next meeting scheduled for February 9 would include a multi-jurisdictional grant that Hawley was interested in pursuing and a Texas Department of Agriculture Interlocal Agreement that Hawley may enter into for sewer and water. A public meeting will be held at Hawley City Hall on February 3 in regards to these matters. Spurgin stated he would be out of town and urged Commissioner Whitehorn of Precinct 4 and Ross Davis, of Precinct 3, to attend. 

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