City Suffers 24 Hour Loss of Water

By Callie Metler-Smith


A leak in a main water pipe on the 400 block of Hobart Street affected water flow to the majority of Stamford City water users from Monday, January 19th to late afternoon Tuesday, January 20th, resulting in Stamford Public Works workers logging late hours with the aid of lights provided by Jerry’s Waterline. Water was shut down to the majority of the city, and Stamford ISD was forced to close school on Tuesday due to the lack of water to all three campuses. Lack of pressure on the line also resulted in a boil water notice being issued that was rescinded on January 23rd. Local welder Duane Boudreau was able to weld a clamp in place early Tuesday afternoon. Water was restored to the majority of the community by late afternoon Tuesday. 

Facebook was flooded with lots of support and encouragement for local city works for their dedication to work late into the night fixing the issue, and also comments from citizens that were unhappy about the lack of water overnight.

The leak was part of some infrastructure that was laid in the 1940s when Stamford still received water from Penick Lake in Lueders.

City officials have been looking into infrastructure grants that would aid the city in replacing older water pipes. At a recent council meeting the council discussed applying for an annual grant from the Texas Water Development Board that was awarded the city last year to help pay for the new water storage tank. The city voted to move forward with application for the grant.

The City Council will meet on February 2nd at 5:15pm in the Stamford City Council chambers.

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