Today, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick chose State Senator Charles Perry to Chair the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs. Additionally, Perry was named a member of the Committee on Higher Education, the Committee on Health and Human Services and the Committee on Criminal Justice.


“What a humbling honor to be appointed to a chairmanship my first session in the Texas Senate,” said Sen. Charles Perry. “My position on this committee will ensure a strong voice for the citizens in the 51 counties I represent in rural West Texas.”


“Throughout my time in the Texas Legislature, I have made securing our future water needs a top priority,” continued Perry. “I look forward to working with my fellow Senators to ensure Texas continues to address our water infrastructure so that our state’s future remains strong and our agricultural needs are met.”


A senator has not been granted a chairmanship their first session in the Senate since 1993. Earlier this week, Lt. Governor Patrick realigned and consolidated committees, reducing the number of total committees by 22%.


“I look forward to working with my fellow Senators on the Higher Education, Health and Human Services, and Criminal Justice Committees,” said Perry. “I am excited to continue working closely with Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan in the area of higher education as I value his expertise and institutional knowledge in this area.”


“As Lt. Governor Patrick stated, ‘It is a new day in Texas’”, continued Perry. “I am very thankful that he trusted my leadership to play a fundamental role in formulating the policies that will shape the future of Texas. I have no doubt that under the strong leadership of Lt. Governor Patrick the Senate will lead the charge in passing conservative legislation that people of Texas overwhelmingly requested at the ballot box this last cycle.”


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    Dawn Patterson (Saturday, 24 January 2015 16:00)

    Dear Senator Perry, I am a resident of Stamford, Tx. I was born here & lived most of my life here. We get our water from Stamford Lake. Due to the drought, our only source of water will soon be gone. According to our mayor, we only have enough water for 2-3 years. This is a well known bass fishing lake, where fishing tourneys have been held & fisherman from all over the state have come to participate. Stamford's infrastructure is over 70 years old. Recently we had a major break & we were out of water for 2 days. The City workers worked 18 hours trying to repair it. A local welder was able to construct a "barrel" to repair the line, because what they received in parts to repair wasn't workable. We praise & are blessed by our City workers, the local welder & the other residents who worked diligently to get this repaired. We need! Our pump station is antiquated & we as a community do not have the reserved funds to replace water mains/pipes, pump station, invest in a reclaimed water project like Abilene has recently began. If we can't get emergency assistance, we will as a town slowly cease to exist. We have built a new high school, gym & middle school in the last few years. We have a super Walmart that recently opened. Stamford has a rich heritage, being the home of the Texas Cowboy Reunion, the world's largest amateur rodeo & Swenson Land & Cattle Ranches. Please help our hard working residents by helping us obtain funds to solve our water problems. Thank you for your time, God speed. You can reach me via email: Sincerely, Dawn Patterson