They Sure Knew We Were There...Again

 by Gerri Boggs

 The Abilene High Invitational Powerlift Meet was held Saturday in Abilene in the Actionzone building. There were 53 lifters representing 8 schools at the meet. Hawley had a team of eight girls and one boy. As in years past, the Hawley Girls dominated the meet, winning every weight class that we had a lifter in. Hawley also took the team first place win, as well as both women's best lifter awards. Hawley tied in points with Clyde for the team placings, but was awarded first because they had a total of six wins to Clyde's three first place wins. The girls' sheer domination of the meet was evident by the margins of the weight totals. Whitney Kitchen won her weight class by 320 lbs and was awarded the Heavy Weight Best Lifter plaque. Carlee Pitcher won her weight class by 290 lbs, and was awarded the Lightweight Best Lifter plaque. Ninety-seven pound Shelby Collett not only won her weight class, but had a total that would have won 6 out of 11 of the weight classes excluding the Hawley girls. Results were as follows:

97 lbs - Shelby Collett 620 total; 114 lbs - Reagan Chapman 645 total; 123 lbs - 1st Leighan Allen 775 total, Courtney Dillard 710 total, 5th Aleena Ramzanali 350 total; 132 lbs - Carlee Pitcher 850 total; 198 lbs - Whitney Kitchen 950 total; 220 lbs - Harley Weber 905 total

     It was kind of sad to be at the meet without our seniors, although reigning World Champion, and World Record holder Lexi Helzer, as well as World Record setter Austin Sellers were both in attendance to help out the Bearcat team. I am looking forward to the next meet held at Cooper High School on February 6th. Come on out and support YOUR Hawley Bearcats!

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