Campuses Show Appreciation To School Board

Anson ISD School Board members were treated with posters, letters, cake and a dinner in observance of School Board Appreciation Month. Each Anson ISD campus did something special for the board members. The meeting was held in the Anson High School Library rather than the usual board room location. Recently the auditorium and offices in the administration building had to be serviced due to a leak that left the auditorium with 4 to 5 inches of standing water and offices with around an inch of water. SERVPRO, a restoration company located in Abilene brought in 90 fans and 10 humidifiers to dry up carpets and areas affected by the water damage. The company also cleaned carpets and prepared the Administration building and auditorium for use as quickly as possible. Superintendent Baccus stated, “The damage could have been worse had the water backed up deeper in the offices where the computers and important documentation were located.”

During the meeting the board approved the minutes from the previous meeting, the bills and finance report, the TASB Policy Update 101 and the clearing of lots held in trust by Anson ISD. Reports were given by Elementary Principal David Hargrove and Superintendent Baccus. In Superintendent Baccus’s report he informed the board that the student count was at 722 for all three campuses. He also stated that the Lion’s Club Basketball Tournament held during the holidays was a huge success for all involved despite the icy weather the second day. There were 17 teams who participated in the tournament, and all went well. He stated that handrails for the new gym had to be redone but the handicap ramp at the High School was completed. Baccus was unsure when the rails would be completed and ready to install. He discussed with the board that Anson High School would be hosting the District Academic Meet on March 25. Eight teams will be involved in the meet. Due to the time needed for the contest he said that students would either go half a day or be off a full day for the contest. If the whole day was used for the event, it would have to be made up on February 16 which was designated as a bad weather day previously. Baccus said he would let the board know at the next meeting what had been worked out on attendance for that day of class. With the holidays there had been no activity on the Insurance Claim from May of 2013.

The Facilities Plan and Construction for 2014-2015 was also discussed. Baccus informed the board that the company coming to work on the track planned to start on January 14. Lighting and wiring for the Ag facility was almost completed and was looking good. Baccus said he had spoken with Shea Feagan on getting a 6,000 gallon tank for diesel and 2,500 gallon tank for gas for the new fuel station. The 6,000 gallon tank would cost around $13,000.

Discussion followed about a new turf field. The board asked Baccus to get prices on upkeep for a turf field and see what options he could come up with for further discussion on the matter before they committed to the project. The board agreed the turf would be a nice asset to the Anson ISD complex and with concerns over lack of water for taking care of the present field in future years, it was certainly an option worth looking into. Dewain Finley had received various donations to help implement the turf field should the board decide they were ready to proceed with the project.

Principal Hargrove informed the board that his student count was a little lower than usual due to some illness affecting the campus. He invited the board to the Elementary UIL Awards Program that would be held on January 15 in the Anson High School Auditorium. Hargrove stated that there were several students that would be participating in the Jones County Stock Show. He said the campus would have their National Honor Society Induction and Masonic Fantastic Teeth Demonstration in February. Hargrove said the CIT Committee would restart their meetings shortly and that James Barnett was the chairperson. He thanked the board for all they do and invited them to the monthly luncheon on January 29 at the Elementary School to show the campus’s appreciation.

There were no further matters to be discussed and the meeting was then adjourned. 

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