Gathering With Power

More is able to be accomplished by a group of people than just by one individual. On February 6 and 7, 2015 there will be an IF: Gathering at the Anson Opera House. The IF: Gathering originated in Austin, Texas in February of 2014. Speakers from around the world came to speak to a group of women on what had been laid on their hearts. The original message was that “If God was real, then what? What should life look like? How could a generation of women come together with their gifts to do more for their homes, communities and the world around them? The answers to many of these questions changed those who were a part of the gathering. This change sparked an interest to share the message with other women.

The IF: Gathering that will take place in February will have various testimonies from speakers and segments on efforts done around the world for the glory of God. The gathering will be streaming via internet and there will be group discussion on the information shared. The hope of the IF: Gathering organizers is that those attending will be changed by the message  and will want to share what they have learned with others. All denominations are welcome. Faith is powerful. The faith of one can do wonders but faith of many can work miracles.

Rather than posting a ticket price, donations are accepted. Donations help to support the conference. The event will offer a meal on each day and refreshments. To register for the IF: Gathering on February 6 and 7, 2015 go to Local host contact information: Tifani Smith 325-660-4204 and Karen Leschper 325-260-9044.

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