Council Hears Financial Report from Hospital

By Callie Metler-Smith


The Anson City Council held their first meeting of the new year on January 12th with all members present with the exception of Councilman Larry White. The Council heard from Anson General Hospital Chief Operations Officer Pam Gonzales about the financials of the hospital. Gonzales reported that she was providing the council a copy of the financials which were presented to the hospital board every month. She informed the council that the hospital was currently about 40 to 60 days behind on Accounts Payable, and that one of the issues they were currently facing is that there were 3 pay periods in the month of January. She did comment that the hospital has managed to lower the payroll from $110,000 down to $79,000 due to recent cost saving layoffs and cutbacks in hours. Other cutback measures included restructuring the way the ER was covered and canceling the health insurance provided to employees. There was also going to be an elimination in the physical therapy after 60 days. There will also be a financial analysis sponsored by Hendricks to help eliminate cost. Gonzales informed the council that many cutbacks has been made but the hospital owes around 1.2 million dollars and is expecting around $500,000 in income.

After going over the financials with the council Gonzales presented a request for a loan for $32,928 to be paid to Medicaid. This was a payment of a overage paid to the hospital in 2013 that has to be paid back first in order for the hospital to be paid their 2014 meaningful use funds. The hospital is expecting these funds sometime between January 26th and February 10th, and the loan would then be reimbursed to the city. This request was approved with Councilwoman Evelyn Edwards making the motion and Councilman Keith Gilbert seconding it.

Also at the meeting the council approved an extension of a farming lease to Conrad Roberts with a change in language to add the need for liability insurance if Roberts leases the land for hunting. The council also approved the appointing of Keith Jones, Rowland Foster, David Moore, Lisa Lumpkin, Jimmie Stevens, Soony Campbell, and Devin Donaldson to the Anson Economic Development Board. They also approved the appointing of Kay Lumpkin to the Anson Educational Facilities Corporation Board of Directors, and Adrianne Campbell, Kelly Stovall, and Don Doty to the Anson General Hospital Board.

Police Chief David Moore also submitted his annual racial profiling report that he is required to file with the state each year. The report is currently on the City of Anson’s website and shows that the City of Anson has not shown any racial profiling. 

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