Second Year For Herring’s Team To Win Championship

Playing football for your home town gives one tremendous pride, but leading a group of young men to a championship win two years in a row gives one a feeling of achievement, not only for oneself but also for the boys who accomplished the feat. Anson Tiger alumni Kevin Herring, son of David and Sharon Herring, led the Bowie Cubs to a back to back championship win. Herring is head coach for the Bowie Cubs and is very proud of all the accomplishments of his young men. The 8th grade “A” team for the Bowie Cubs defeated Sam Houston Texans to win the Irving Independent School District City Football Championship. Bowie’s “B” team also had a very good season. Herring and his coaching staff worked daily with their athletes on maintaining good character, keeping grades up, being dependable and staying coachable. The coaching staff was very proud of the teams’ accomplishments for the past two football seasons on and off the field. Herring stated after the game that “Tonight we made the impossible possible!” Without the hard work and dedication of the coaching staff and players over the two seasons, the two championship wins would not have been possible. Coaching is more than just a job it is a passion that many are called to do. For many coaches it is not the win that drives them, it is the young men and women who they mold and mentor along the way.

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