Help Denise Dennis!

As many people in Stamford know, for many years Denise Dennis has collected aluminum cans to raise money for the West Texas Rehab Center. On December 27, while Denise and her mother were out of town, someone stole all the cans Denise had collected in their carport. She is very upset that she will have less money than usual to donate to the Rehab Center at the Annual Telethon. If anyone has any information about this theft, please contact the Stamford Police Department.

If you would like to make a donation to help Denise replace the money she has lost, you can donate through the Rehab link in her honor or give a check to her. The website is Be sure to select "West Texas Rehab" and "In Honor of" and type "Denise Dennis" for the name and "Stolen Cans" in the comments.

If you would like, you can bring checks by the Stamford American office at 102 S Swenson, and we will see that she gets them. Please make checks to West Texas Rehab. Donations need to be made by Jan 17 before the Annual Telethon.

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