The Christmas Memory

By Debbie Heald

Memories of past Christmas’s float through our minds each year as Christmas approaches, whether it be the food, the time spent or that special gift from someone dear to us; we all have memories that are treasured. Preparing for Christmas we think of the foods to make, the gifts to buy, who will be home for the holidays and how the decorations will be displayed. This year Pam Johnson got a wonderful gift early for Christmas. Many years ago when Pam and husband Jay were married they had little money (as most newlyweds) to spend on extravagant Christmas decorations. Pam decided to make them a Christmas skirt. The skirt was made of white felt with objects stenciled on it that she could paint. She worked very hard on making it for their tree and used it for several years. As time went on Pam bought a new tree skirt. Though the handmade one was special to her, she lost track of it and even thought it had been thrown away. This year for the holidays, their youngest daughter, Jeni Kay, brought them a new Christmas skirt that she had made for them. Pam and Jay thought the skirt was beautiful and appreciated all the hard work their daughter had done. While talking with her parents, Jeni Kay asked Pam if she remembered the things she had painted on the handmade Christmas skirt over 35 years ago. Pam was surprised that Jeni Kay had kept the skirt for all these years and made a wonderful Christmas memory for the family. This gift was one that money could not buy and a memory that will be cherished the rest of their lives. 

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