Anson City Council Approves Contract with Stamford EMS

By Callie Metler-Smith

 The Anson City Council approved a contract between Stamford EMS and Anson General Hospital for Stamford EMS to assume operation of Anson EMS. The contract would call for Stamford EMS to start operating in Anson using Anson EMS’s equipment and facilities and take over all operations from Anson General Hospital. The contract while approved by the council, still needs to be signed by Stamford EMS and Anson General Hospital.

Also at the meeting the Council approved the adoption of a resolution authorizing application for financial assistance for Texas Water Development board, after some discussion about why the city had defaulted on the loan with the USDA due to the expansions the city made to the infrastructure for the prison. The resolution passed with all council members voting in support of it except Pete Klein.

The council also authorized the use of the space next to Red Poppy for the use of the war memorial that is being planned by the Anson Lions. Since the property is owned by First National Bank of Anson, Councilman Keith Gilbert abstained.  

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