To Park or Not to Park?

By Callie Metler-Smith

Used to parking in your front yard? Now that is prohibited in the City of Stamford. The Stamford City Council passed Ordinance No. 990 which regulates the parking of vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, and boats, and prohibiting the storage of certain items on city streets and in front yards.

The ordinance sites that the improper storage and parking of vehicles can constitute a danger to the safety of citizens and can affect the appearance and property values of Stamford residents.

Vehicles – should be parked in driveway, prohibited from being parked in front yard. Also prohibited is driving a motor vehicle across a curb. Vehicle repairs cannot be performed in open view to the public for a period of time over seventy-two hours.

Trailers and Motor homes – prohibited from being parked in the street or in the front yard as a long term situation. A non-passenger vehicle or trailer cannot be parked on a street, alleyway, or public right of way for longer than twenty-four hours. No travel trailer, motor home or similar vehicle shall be used for residential purposes overnight, if such vehicle is parked on a public street for more than ninety-six hours.

No commercial truck or trailer may be parked on a street or roadway except for the loading or unloading of goods.

No materials may be stored in the front yard or a temporary storage building except for current construction. The use of structures or containers for any purpose other than the original purpose is also prohibited. Furniture, appliances, or equipment is also prohibited in the front yard of a residence. No combination of improved surfaces may cover over 50% of the lot.

The exceptions to this ordinance is parking in a place other than the driveway if there is no driveway as of the date the ordinance was passed or parking other than the driveway if construction is taking place. The vehicles must be removed within seventy-two hours of the completion of the construction.

Violators to this ordinance will be subject to fines not to exceed $500.00 and can be charged with a Class “C” Misdemeanor. Each day that the violation continues can be considered a separate violation and subject to a separate fine. 

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    Randi (Friday, 12 December 2014 15:35)

    It is about time the city did something! Now of we could get the old abandoned houses cleaned up!