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We sometimes forget the sacrifice our military have made on the behalf of the country. In communities across the state of Texas individuals make the commitment daily to serve their country in various branches of the military. Master Sergeant Teresa Bowen Clickner is one of the many who gave of themselves to protect the freedoms we possess. Clickner was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Anson when she was in the second grade. She continued her education in Anson until her graduation in 1983. After graduating she attended Texas Tech University and worked for various government agencies, including the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. In 1995 Clickner enlisted in the Army and became a Combat Medic. Her duties were to provide medical support to various mechanized infantry units. Clickner attended an intensive 13 month Licensed Practical Nurse course in 1997. Once she had completed the course she was assigned to a Level 1 Trauma Center. There she worked in in-patient wards which included the Medical-Surgical and Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit. She then joined the Air Force in 2001. This took her to Dyess Air Force Base.

During her four year tour of duty she acted as Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge in various clinics. Sergeant Clickner was selected and served for four years on the White House Medical Unit at Crawford, Texas while at Dyess Air Force under George W. Bush. In 2009 she was deployed to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom. Her duties were to provide medical care and security at the base entry control point. After being deployed Clickner was selected to be an instructor for the 4NOXI Aerospace Medical Service Apprentice Course at Sheppard Air Force Base. Her many accomplishments include serving as an Instructor, Phase II Education Program Director, Course Enlisted Lead and Interim Senior Enlisted Lead. Also Clickner played an active role in the BRAC realignment and help relocate the program to its current location at Joint Base San Antonio-Ft. Sam Houston, Texas in 2010.

In June of 2013 Sergeant Clickner assumed her current position as Element Chief, Medical Supply Flight, 383d Training Squadron, 937th Training Group, 37th Training Wing. Her duties entail leading 85 Air Force and Navy Non-Commissioned Officers and Senior Non-commissioned Officers as well as 5.5 thousand students annually in the second largest training program in the Air Force. Sergeant Clickner manages evaluations, professional development and recognition programs for the enlisted personal. With many achievements in her military career Clickner has now retired from the Air Force and has decided to pursue a Bachelor Degree in the Science of Nursing.

The service of individuals such as Sergeant Clickner is greatly appreciated. Though her sacrifice at times appears to go unnoticed she and others are owed a debt of gratitude that is hard to repay. What price can be put on a life or the loss of time with family she and others gave to their country? Their commitment comes at a high cost but in their eyes it is something they are called to do with no regard for their sacrifice.  

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