County Employees May See Time Payback In 2016 

The Jones County Commissioner’s Court met on November 24, at 9:00 a.m. for their regular scheduled meeting. There were eight items on the court’s agenda to be addressed. The first item was to approve the minutes from the court’s last regular meeting, which they did unanimously.

Next there was a discussion about the matter of a change in the policy on trust properties in Stamford, Texas. The commissioners discussed that properties that had gone beyond their redemption resolution period could be demolished. Attorneys that were doing the legal work on the properties would also agree to waive their legal fees. Also any property bids up to $1500 would go to the City of Stamford and anything over would be distributed to the appropriate entities. The court will also drop court costs but will not be responsible for cleanup. Cleanup Stamford will be responsible for cleanup and disposal. The interlocal agreement can also be dissolved with 30 days written notice.

Judge Dale Spurgin then discussed with the court that there had been interest in a metal building behind their storage building.  He told the court that a potential buyer was interested in the metal building as well as the real estate it sits on.  The court discussed considering authorizing the sale after looking into the matter further.

Treasurer Amber Thompson then gave her report. The county had $4,341,927.78 with outstanding accounts in the amount of $34,368.06 giving the county a final amount of $4,307,559.72. Once the treasurer’s report was approved the court discussed changes that needed to be addressed in the employee manual that dealt with longevity pay and employee absences. After 10 years of employment longevity pay no longer affects county employees. Thompson and Spurgin discussed with the commissioners that some employees run out of approved days and are have to be docked time for days absent. Overtime is also an area that the county is working on. Commissioner Clawson stated he felt that each department head needed to address this matter on a case by case basis. As discussion progressed Commissioner Polk said he felt it was important to reward employees for coming to work and that the employee policy should have something in place to deal with employees with frequent absences. Commissioner Clawson said there will be no bullet proof plan for employee attendance and that any plan can be abused. The court discussed the idea of a buyback plan that would entail employees getting paid for their unused time at the end of the year. If put in place this would not go into effect until 2016. The court agreed more discussion would be needed on this issue before action could be taken. Change in days for the employee work week was then discussed. Thompson told the court that it had been suggested that the work week change from Saturday thru Friday to Monday thru Sunday. This work week change would not include Jones County Dispatch or the Sheriff’s Office.

The court then approved budgets amendments, line item transfers and all payments on bills. Judge Spurgin stated that at the next meeting, on December 8 the Abilene Metropolitan Organization would do a small presentation and proposals would be opened on the operating facility. The meeting was then adjourned.

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