Beeson Named Sophomore of the Year

Taylor Beeson was named Sophomore of the Year (SOTY) by the Stamford Kiwanis Club, which includes a $500 scholarship to be awarded upon graduation from high school. She will now represent the Stamford Kiwanis club in the Division 35 SOTY competition in Abilene. If chosen there, she will be entered into the Texas Oklahoma District Kiwanis SOTY competition where she will be eligible to win an additional scholarship.

The SOTY award is not based on academics, but on leadership qualities. There are three main goals of the SOTY program; 1) to seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential commenting with high school sophomores, and to encourage and prepare the next generation of civic and corporate leadership for America’s future; 2) to help sophomores gain experience in applying for scholarships; and 3) to educate people in the schools and communities about the Kiwanis organization.

Congratulations to Taylor for being chosen as the 2014 Sophomore of the Year by the Stamford Kiwanis Club. It is an honor to recognize her as an outstanding individual among her fellow classmates. 

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