Stamford FFA Competes at Area 2 Contest 

The Stamford FFA competed at Area 2 Contest in Big Spring on Saturday, November 22.

Results are:

AG Issues - 1st Place-State Qualifier - Taylor Beeson, Tamara Stremmel, Jourdan Huffaker, Whitney Duran, Yessenia Gutierrez, Bry Birdsong

Greenhand Chapter Conducting - 6th place - Jared Muehlstein, Noah Horn, Caden Mathis, Rudy Gutierrez, Lissett Martinez, Sarah Richards, Rylan Letz

Greenhand Quiz - 3rd place - Macy Dancer, Rudy Gutierrez, Noah Horn, Caden Mathis

Greenhand Skills - 3rd place - Kailtyn Kovar, Morgan Sanders, Braleigh Hickman, Miya Sanchez

Public Relations - 2nd place-State Qualifier - Chase Stenholm , Bailea Wilhelm, Blake Davis, Chesney Lefevre

Radio Broadcasting - 5th place - Chase Stenholm, Taylor Beeson, Bry Birdsong

Senior Skills - 1st Place-State Qualifier - John Louis Dyer, Tanner Vance, Blake Davis, Guy London

Senior skills, Public Relations and Ag Issues qualified for State which will be on December 5-6 in Huntsville.

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