Stitches of Art Tell a Tale

Looking into the windows of Anson Public Library you would think you had stepped into a fairytale that is only seen in movies or a book. Sandy Carter, art teacher at Anson ISD, has had a passion for various aspects of art since childhood. Whether it is illustrations in a children’s book, a painting on a canvas, decorations for an event or costumes for special occasions, her passion is visible by the story each tell. Carter has displayed her various hand sewn costumes in the Anson Public Library for several years. She has been sewing since the age of 9 and has enjoyed taking cloth, thread and designs to bring characters to life. Snow White, the Queen of Hearts, nursery rhyme characters and various fictional characters jump off the pages of books through the stitches of her costumes. You would not see the costumes as art at first glance but as you look at the details in each costume, the eye picks up hidden meaning and tells a story.

In the English dictionary the meaning of art is a creation of beautiful or thought-provoking works. Art is something that comes from the imagination and thoughts of the artist. Many of her students go into her class feeling they have no artistic ability. As times passes she teaches them to look within themselves to find their talents and use their feelings, thoughts and imagination to create art that represents who they are. Through her class, students gain a way to express themselves while creating an artistic piece that tells a story. Carter’s love for art therefore turns into a passion for sharing a story that’s not only seen,  but felt. 

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