Responsibility Lies Within

Growing up in Anson Evelyn Edwards saw the community’s progression over the years. She graduated from high school in 1965 and attended Hardin Simmons where she attained a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish. Evelyn left the area for several years to explore other opportunities but felt a strong attachment to the small community she called home. She was employed by IBM for 25 years and has since retired and is presently working part time for Ameriprise Financial, a stock broking firm in Abilene. Upon returning to Anson she felt it important to become active and involved in the community. Evelyn volunteers for Meals On Wheels and is on several boards such as the Anson Public Library Board, Jones County Appraisal Public Revenue Board and the West Central Texas Municipal Water District Board.

Living in other communities as well as Anson she has made it a priority to educate herself on many of the aspects of a city’s makeup. She feels that it is the responsibility of those offices that govern a city to do their best to spend tax payer’s dollars as judiciously as possible to get the most accomplished. It is the responsibility of the city to spend taxpayers’ dollars as if it were their own. That is owed to people who pay taxes in the community. Evelyn also feels it is vital to look for grants and various other funding to improve the water infrastructure of Anson. She is aware that the area’s water issue is in a critical state at this point but by finding outside funding, issues such as road repairs, updating of water pipes and bringing new revenue to the community of Anson may be able to be achieved one step at a time.

Evelyn encourages the community to attend more city council meetings. The meetings will give the public an idea on what topics are being addressed and how the city is working for them. Anson City Council election will be held on November 4, 2014 and Evelyn would appreciate your vote for Place III.

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