Students and Teachers Are Thompson’s Highest Priority

This is what it's all about, our children and grandchildren
This is what it's all about, our children and grandchildren

Living in a community all one’s life enables an individual to see what issues are affecting a community. Regina Thompson and husband Van are lifelong residents of Hawley. The couple has five children between them who have attended Hawley ISD. Their grandchildren attend the Hawley school system also. Regina is city secretary and court administrator in Anson, and Van is a truck driver. They are proud to call Hawley their home. It is important to Regina that not only her grandchildren have the best education, but all children in the community. The best interest of the children in Hawley will always be a priority to her.

With the changes in education that affect teachers and students yearly she realizes it is vital to work diligently to make the school district one that flourishes. Regina has no special agenda; she only wants to make the school district a good place for students and teachers. Standing up for students' and teachers' interests is important to her. She will not agree nor make a decision without researching and investigating issues that affect the school district. Regina will take the time to ask questions and find out facts before voting on issues and when her vote is cast it will only be in the best interest of the district. She is familiar with court settings, open meetings, and parliamentary procedures. Regina has ideas on how to improve and expand roles of the community and its students. With a school board that wants the best for its district, faculty and students, positive changes can be made in education one step at a time. Progress happens when changes occur. Hawley ISD needs school board members who want the district to evolve with changes in education, the economy and needs of the community. Each vote counts as a voice for change. Let your voice be heard by voting for candidates whose priority is in the district’s best interest. 

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