New Walmart Offers Choices and Opportunities

Little did Matthew Ranard know seven years ago that he would be asked to take the manager position at Walmart in Anson, Texas. Ranard, 26, has been married for four years and began his career with Walmart as a cashier in San Angelo. In his seven month’s working for the company he has moved to a supervisor position and transferred to Sweetwater. He was then promoted three times within the first two years and moved back to San Angelo to be an assistant manager for two years. Not long after, Ranard was promoted to the manager position in Anson at Store 2410. 

Having worked for Walmart in different areas, Ranard feels it is very important to offer the best customer service possible. With today’s economy in the state it is in, it is vital to offer customers choices that will help them save time and money. Ranard feels that is what families are looking for. He realizes that Walmart coming to the community may be scary for local business owners but he emphasizes Walmart does not want to take away from small business in the community. Walmart hopes to work with other businesses to make Anson a better community for the families that call Anson home. The Anson store will not have all the items larger Walmart stores have, such as apparel, crafts, fabrics or an extensive household section, but it will be stocked to offer customers choices that are affordable. The new store will have on line ordering available, a pharmacy and gas. Opening of the new Walmart is scheduled for November 12, 2014, at 8:00 am with a ribbon cutting ceremony beginning at 7:30 am. 

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