Ten:Nine Design A Reflection of the Ultimate Sacrifice. 

Many businesses in the state and across the U.S. find that bottom dollar is the driving force for their existence but that is NOT true of Ten:Nine Design. The family-owned business was founded in 2009 by DeWayne and Jaime Kelley. The couple based the company on old fashioned values and striving to glorify God with all their works. Ten:Nine Design’s name came from Romans 10:9 which states, “If you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.” The Kelleys feel that how they conduct themselves in life as well as in their business must be a reflection of the love Christ gave with his ultimate sacrifice. The name of their business is a reflection of their faith and also a statement of their dedication to their commitment of satisfying the needs of their customers through respect and appreciation. Each customer is treated with respect and given specialized service.

DeWayne Kelley graduated from ACU with a degree in Graphic Design and Communication. Jaime is a former educator of 19 years. The Kelleys began their business in a church in Abilene where DeWayne was on staff helping with the children’s ministry. DeWayne saw the church was constantly getting shirts made so he shared with the pastor he had an art degree and discussed starting a graphic design business there. The pastor felt the business would benefit the church so he helped the Kelleys get started. The business began to grow so the Kelleys decided to find a retail location and purchased the press from the church. With the progression of the growth of the business, the Kelleys decided to buy a home but they felt to cut costs they would move their business into their new home. The Kelley’s son, Jarrod, had been in the Army and returned in 2011 to help his parents with the business. DeWayne had still been working at the church but decided it was time to leave his job there to focus on the family business.

Ten:Nine Design has grown rapidly since its beginning in 2009 but that growth can be attributed to the hard work of all the members of the family. Not only did Dewayne, Jaime and Jarrod play an intricate part to its success but so have the Kelley’s other children Caleb, Makenna and Lane. Each member of the family has a job. They each play an important role in the makeup of the family owned and operated business. Ten:Nine Design has developed into a thriving business that is debt free. Recently the Kelleys purchased a new press that allows them to put out more merchandise in a shorter amount of time. They have also made small equipment purchases that have made things much easier. The family is very proud of all they have accomplished with their business but their faith in God has been the driving force to its success. By treating their customers with respect and appreciation and setting guidelines for their business and family, the Kelleys have built not only a successful business but a strong family foundation that glorifies God.

The Kelleys established their business to provide an income for themselves and their children. Ten:Nine Design is the trademark for the Kelley’s business but the message they share with others through it will last a lifetime.

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