Clear Fork Publishing Releases First Book

By Callie Metler-Smith


Looking for the perfect Halloween read? Look no further than “Lives for Hire,” Clear Fork Publishing’s first book. Clear Fork Publishing is owned by Clear Fork Media Group, the same company that owns The Stamford American and Noteworthy, as well as The Anson American, The Hawley American, and Clear Fork Designs.

"Lives for Hire" is a young adult dystopian fiction set in the fictional world of The Providences. The book is written by Brianna Bunn, the cousin of owner Callie Metler-Smith. "Lives for Hire" follows the story of Magenta, a teenager, who has been recruited by the government, Ansly, for government testing. Magenta begins to hear a voice in her head and she fears she is slowly losing her mind. But then she realizes the voice in her head might actually be someone real.

Written in the spirit of other dystopian fiction, it stands apart from the Hunger Games and Divergent series. The back cover boasts that it is “The Novel that will……Inspire, Horrify, Intrigue, and Spellbind.” More information about the book is available by going to and copies are available at Noteworthy Bookstore in Stamford or for checkout at the Stamford Carnegie Library. The book is also the October choice for our monthly book club that meets at 102 S Swenson. If you are interested in joining the book club, contact Callie at 325-773-5550.

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