Klein Sees Opportunities for New Revenue to Generate Improvements

Taking pride in one’s community is what Pete Klein feels must happen to see notable changes in Anson. Pete and wife Tracy have been married for 29 years. They have been residents of Anson for 19 years. Their son’s Preston and Zachary graduated from Anson High School. Klein is running in the Anson City Council election on November 4 in Place 4 for an unexpired term. He feels a strong connection with the community and wants to work toward regrowth of what was once a thriving, attractive town. Due to lack of flourishing revenue streams, the community has slowly been degraded from lack of upkeep and funds for much needed improvements.

Two friends of Klein’s that were once residents of Anson came to visit and were very disheartened by how the town had dwindled away from what it once had been. Klein listened to their comments and took note of what they felt needed to be addressed. Taking their comments into consideration he began looking into what forms of revenue could be generated in city departments that could help with funding for needed improvements to the community. Klein feels that by working on revenue through the municipal court system, the traffic and code enforcement departments can help generate funds for improvements. He sees that Anson needs to be brought into the 21st century by bringing new businesses to the community, constructing housing, partnering with industry  to help build on the city’s infrastructure, making Anson more attractive to prospective citizens as well as tapping into other retail opportunities that are currently siphoning off to other surrounding communities.

By utilizing the resources of the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Development Corporation as well of that of the city Klein feels new businesses could be brought to town. Change will not be easy. People are set in their ways but to make the future better for families in the community, changes have to be made. Through generating more revenue the schools and community will become better as a whole. The changes that are needed can and will bring about pride in the community. That pride will make positive improvements in all areas of the community but it has to be done through teamwork. Everyone doing what they can to better the community will bring Anson into a new age and will reestablish what a wonderful community it is to live in and raise a family.



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