Jones County Residents Present Their Talents at Fair

The Jones County Fair Association, in cooperation with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, presented the 56th Annual Jones County Fair at the Anson Fair Grounds last weekend where Jones County residents presented artwork, photography, food and many other exhibits that represented the diverse talents and skills held by many in Jones County. The event, open to the public with no restrictions on who may enter with separate categories for adults and youths, allowed residents to enter in diverse categories that included textiles, food, educational exhibits, hobbies and crafts, recycled and reused arts, antiques and collectables, horticulture, art, photography, ice cream and even a section that allowed grandparents and great grandparents to brag about their grandchildren. Entries were $1 per entry with a maximum of $5 per person, allowing for multiple entries in different categories. The Art Division, however, had no restriction on the number of entries per person. Entries were taken from three to seven p.m. Thursday evening and Friday morning from seven to nine a.m.

Each division was judged separately, but each had overall appearance and quality of the individual piece as a major factor in the judging process. Other factors included value of articles in relation to work done and suitability of materials in the textile division, how an exhibit draws and holds attention of the viewer in the educational division, symmetry and color in the horticulture division, as well as many other areas. The judging process took place Friday with ribbons awarded for first, second, and third place with Best in Show ribbons awarded to best first place exhibits in each division. After the judging concluded, entries became open for public viewing until five p.m. and from nine a.m. to noon Saturday morning until the beginning of the Second Annual Ice Cream Contest, where entries must have been delivered to be judged by ten a.m. Winners could pick up their prizes at the registration desk on Saturday after picking up their entries. Food items could be donated for selling which helped cover the fair expenses.

Any entries that were not picked up Saturday are kept at the Jones County Extension Office, located at the bottom of the courthouse beginning last Monday, September 22. The event featured many fine exhibits as Jones County residents presented their hobbies and talents to the general public and will likely do so again at next year’s fair.

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