The New Coach Hutch at SHS

By Brittany Becknel


Despite the familiar name, Ross Hutchinson, one of the three new coaches for the Stamford Bulldogs, is not kin to Wayne Hutchinson. He grew up in Dallas and attended Community, a 3A school nearby. Hutchinson played basketball and football during high school but chose to play football in college because of his grandfather who had played with the Cowboys. After graduation, he attended Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. He has played football basically his entire life and played all four years as an offensive lineman at Hardin Simmons and was a starter for three years. After college, he was the graduate assistant football coach for two years. An interesting fact about Coach Hutchinson is that he has triplet brothers who will be turning twenty in a month!

Coach Hutchinson says that he thinks Stamford is the perfect place for him to really start his coaching career because of the great community and respectful students. The day before Hutchinson’s interview with Coach Ronnie Casey, he was at a baseball game where a couple of boys sat down close to him with state championship rings on. He says that he tapped one on the shoulder and started to tell them that he was going to be having an interview with Coach Casey the next day. He said that all the boys, including Jay Jenson and Tanner Vance, stood up, took their hats off and shook his hand. He was impressed with their manners and this made him even more certain that Stamford was where he wanted to be. He is excited about this school year because it will be his first year to teach and coach. He will be teaching IPC and Biology as well as coaching offensive line and inside linebackers for football and will be in charge of all eighth grade athletics.

Hutchinson says that he always tells his players that there are three things they can control: attitude, effort and knowledge. He wants them to know that a “3peat” is not out of the question, they just have to continue to work hard towards that goal again this year. Coach Hutchinson, like all of our other coaches, wants to excel at everything he does. He is here to dedicate all he has to his students and the town but what he really wants to do is influence students and change their lives for the better. He wants to make sure all the students know that they have the ability to go to college and play sports; they just have to work hard to get there.


Coach Hutchinson is glad to be here in Stamford and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our community and he is very excited for this upcoming year. 

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