New Face for Head Basketball and Tennis

By Brittany Becknel


Coach Dean Edwards is the new face for boys’ basketball and tennis this year at Stamford High School. He grew up in Santo and after graduation, went on to college at Tarleton State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is married to Jennifer, who will be teaching Chemistry and Physics this year. They have two children; Trace who is in eighth grade, and Kyndall who is in third.

Coach Edwards has previously coached for three years at Santo, two years at Perrin, 12 years at Huckabay and 1 year at Sudan. He has taught Physical Education and been an athletic director. Coach Edwards is starting Stamford for his 19 year of teaching. As a coach for Stamford High School, he will be teaching Health, helping with DAEP and coaching as the head basketball and tennis coach and assistant football coach.

The coach and his family picked Stamford because he himself had grown up in a town about the size of Stamford and he loves the small school setting. He and his wife want their children to be a part of a small school setting, and they think Stamford is the perfect spot. They also loved Stamford because it was closer to family. Coach Edwards believes that Stamford has a very strong tradition, and he would like to continue on with that tradition this year.


He wants all of his students and players to do what they are supposed to and get what needs to be done, done. Coach Edwards says he has a strong will to win at everything he is involved in and no matter what coaching position he has, he will be happy. 

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