Andrews Expresses Concerns Over Use of Prison

By Callie Metler-Smith

 Jones County Commissioners Court was the site of multiple protests against the empty prison just east of town being used to house illegal immigrants. Jones County resident David Andrews addressed the Commissioners Court on Monday morning saying, “I don’t want Jones County to be a dumping ground. Just think hard if ICE or the Jones County Detention Facility decides to open it.” He also expressed concerns about illness and health problems being associated with the immigrants.

In front of the south side of the courthouse during the Commissioners Court meeting, two other individuals, Rick Dowling and Dale Boecker, set up with signs and flags in protest of the illegal immigrants being housed in Jones County.


While Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has toured the facility in Jones County, they have not made any type of move to negotiate for the use of the facility. During the Commissioners Court on Monday, Jones County judge Dale Spurgin said he had no further news on the matter to report and that if the bondholders for the prison did enter into negotiations with ICE, public hearings would be held. 

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