Churches Help Children in Mexico

By Brittany Becknel

 On Sunday, July 20, around 80 people from Baptist churches from all over The Double Mountain Baptist Association came to Stamford’s First Baptist Church to package supplies for children in need of school supplies in Mexico. This event has been occurring for the past 12 years and Pastor Jacob West has been part of this miraculous event for 6 years.

Crossing Borders Ministry, located in Fabens, Texas, is run by two ladies on the Mission Board for Southern Baptists. These ladies help provide food for people in Mexico as well as support churches in Mexico. They also provide school supplies for children of all grades in Mexico, and the Double Mountain Baptist Association, which is made up of several different Baptist churches, helps out each year with the school supplies. This organization is run by Joe and Cindy Walton.

The saddening news is that only one other group besides our own helps send school supplies to these in-need children, and they are a group in Houston. The donations from our area make up the majority of the school supplies sent in to Mexico.

Everyone knows that school supplies aren’t cheap, so how in the world are we able to send so many supplies for these children? Churches involved buy supplies, gather special offerings for the supplies and gather donations. First Baptist Church has a unique way of gathering money for the supplies; the children involved in Vacation Bible School are encouraged to bring loose change each day of VBS and all the money gathered goes directly to the school supplies. This year, the churches were altogether able to send about $7,000 worth of school supplies to Mexico!

On Sunday, everyone gathered at First Baptist Church in Stamford, to help distribute and package the school supplies. The volunteers were broken into three groups: one group packed supplies for Prepitoria, which is for high school students, another helped for Secondaria, which is middle school students and the last group packed for Primiaria, the elementary school children. Each group put together individual bags for each student, and they were able to send a total of 550 bags to the Crossing Borders Ministry!

Once the bags reach the Crossing Borders Ministry in Fabens, they will be transported to Mexico where pastors of different churches will pick up supplies and then distribute those supplies to people in their community and then the children are all ready for school to start.


Pastor Jacob West believes that this event is very important because of how bad our borders have become. Without school supplies, students in Mexico wouldn’t be able to attend school and that could lead to them becoming involved in the many different cartels they have in Mexico or something worse happening to them. Faith and education can help make the world a better place especially for the children. By sending these school supplies to these at-risk students, we are helping keep them off the streets and ultimately helping Mexico become a more peaceful place for its people. 

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