West Retires, Passes Business to Conner

Glenn West started his own plumbing company in Stamford in 1983 called Glenn West Plumbing. In 1994 his stepson Chane Conner, who was in Junior High, started helping him during the summer and when he could after school. When Conner graduated from high school, he went to work full time with West, perfecting his plumbing skills. As of January 1, West is retiring. Now 20 years after his initial start in the plumbing business with West, Conner is starting his own plumbing business, aptly named Chane’s Plumbing Service.


Conner brings to his new plumbing service his 20 years’ experience and knowledge of fixing drain pipes, water heaters, water lines, and leaks. To contact him for these issues, call (325) 338-3627.

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